‘Blockers’ Review 4/5 STARS

| By Brandon Colón |

There is certainly fun to be had in this fresh, upbeat and ribald comedy where three teenage girls make a pact to lose their virginity on Prom night. Blockers, though, is far more than just your regular-degular raunchy teen comedy. With its lively script, brilliant cast and ample dose of absurdity, Pitch Perfect writer Kay Cannon has made an electric directing debut with this hilarious, character-driven production that delivers laughter and amusement throughout.

There’s a captivating innocence about it that negates its more bawdy facets: mainly the explicit language, the full frontal male schlonger we see, a hysterical butt-chugging scene and an outrageous naked sex game of Marco Polo. Heedless of how compromising the circumstances might be, the tone consistently remains sweet and offbeat.

Similar to Bridesmaids and Girls Trip, Blockers embraces close friendship – This time between three pre-college students Julie, Kayla and Sam blissfully played by Kathryn Newton, Geraldine Viswanathan and Gideon Adlon. They are all fan-fucking-tastic.

And although they may still be virgins, they are hardly virtuous. The sex pact texting stream of porno-like emojis ends up setting their distressed parents into a state of dismay-driven jitters. The three leading ladies’ prom dates are also quite compelling: Graham Phillips as Julie’s enchanter, Jimmy Bellinger as the pudgy oblivious ginger kid with the Fedora and I especially enjoyed Miles Robbins, who just so happens to cook drugs into literally everything.

There are a myriad of funny lines: “Penises are not for looking at; they’re for use. Like plungers.” And “sleeping with someone else’s wife is not a sexual preference.” Also surprisingly (or perhaps not), it’s the parents who use the expletives…that ricochet like ammunition.

Appearing as if she’s coming straight from small town USA, Leslie Mann is an abundance of fun as Julie’s single mother; hardoooo John Cena is Kayla’s crew cut, cry-baby dad and Ike Baringholtz is a quack as Sam’s geeky divorced father who’s always trying to fit in.

The film’s most amusing scene is the one in which Cena and Baringholtz are forced to touch the naked body parts of two kinky parents playing sex games while blindfolded – to their subtitled frantic whispers. Another engaging sequence in which Mann finds herself under the bed strewn with rose petals, where her daughter is about to be deflowered, is also, interesting whilst being much entertaining.

A movie which balances infinite laughter with even its most significant components, calling Blockers the surprise hit comedy of 2018… may very well still be an understatement.


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