An open letter to HBO…

Dear HBO,

I’m writing to ask if you could produce a show that would undoubtedly be a big hit. It has a HUGE built-in audience with tons of staying potential. This WILL be your next big thing – For both your benefit, and the benefit of everyone whose laid eyes on the masterpieces that you’ve made already. So this I beg you… please create a series of the novel WORLD WAR Z.

Let me just start off by saying, I FUCKING LOVE your past and current programming. You’re like famed porn star Ron Jeremy, a big dick legend. Your shows have been groundbreaking in so many ways and simply astonishing. You have consistently been at the forefront of television, I’m sorry, did I say television? Didn’t mean that. “It’s not TV, it’s HBO.” But seriously. The proof is in the pudding with too many shows to even name, although, for example purposes – I’m still going to name a few:

giphy (100).gif
? A perfect case study of an anti-hero mob boss that rivals The Godfather or Goodfellas when it comes to a character like Tony Soprano: A person you care about and want to win, despite the fact that he is an immensely flawed individual.

Band of Brothers? A horrific, yet beautiful depiction of WWII. Blending the terror of battle and war with the love and camaraderie that comes out of it.

The Wire
? Baltimore crime-drama that showcased what it’s was REALLY like to be in the heart of the drug trade in this country. It was real, it was gritty and also introduced Black Panther star Michael B Jordan! “Where’s Wallace?”

True Detective? Not much needs to be said about this show. The first season was probably some of the best storytelling to ever touch the inside of a television screen. Seriously, every person should feel honored – HONORED I SAY – that this program entered their lives. (I don’t want to talk about the second season).

All these examples perfectly demonstrate why you are the network to make a mini-series about WORLD WAR Z.

My argument is easy and only in four parts…

Wait! Oh, shit wait there was already a World War Z movie. Yes, this was indeed a thing that happened, and before I begin with my thoughts, I have to denote that a movie by this title was made. It did pretty well in the box office, but it was…okay…I guess. My goal is not to knock the movie but whatever, it pales in comparison to the book. If the entertainment world was a fruit salad the book would be a strawberry and the movie is a piece of honeydew.  The film seemed to try its best, but still fell short of expectation – However, I know for a fact a series by HBO would be monumentally better. Here are my reasons why:


Game of Thrones is ending. It’s a sad time for all us fans. Believe me, I am the least bit happy about it. Honestly, just writing this sentence made me cry a little. It brought big-screen storytelling and cinematography right into our homes. But…but…but (holding back tears) it’s ending. And there is nothing we can do.

I feel like the hope was that HBO’s new series Westworld would take over the mantle as the new flagship show, but in all honesty, it just didn’t happen. No offense, but people just have not embraced it the same way they did with Game of Thrones. Maybe it’s because the story isn’t enthralling enough or maybe the setting just isn’t right. Regardless of the reasons though, it just doesn’t catch people the same way.

I did have high hopes for the remake of the 1973 film starring Yul Brynner. My father showed me it as a kid and I absolutely loved it! Perhaps the second season will be better, but the first made a lot of people feel like a child on Christmas morning running down stairs hoping to see a G.O.T bicycle but instead got Westworld socks. But don’t kick yourself HBO, you took a shot and I appreciate it.


Walking Dead is over! I know the second half of season 8 is happening and season 9 is coming and most will call me an ass for saying it but…IT’S OVER!  Yeah, yeah, I know it’s not over. The last season has not been announced and everyone is still into it, but the show is Fonzie in a leather jacket on water skis jumping the shark. I have watched Walking Dead since its inception on Oct. 31, 2010, and literally have not missed a week.

But as soon as Negan is dead, the show will have nothing else to do. He is the best villain the show has ever seen, and they will be hard pressed to find something else to threaten the main characters and keep the show entertaining. It’s already started to decay, ultimately becomig what the title claims. It is the The Walking Dead.


Anyone who has ever read World War Z by Max Brooks is obsessed with it. It is literally the best zombie fiction ever to be put on page. In case you haven’t read it, you FUCKING SHOULD! HOW DARE YOU CLAIM TO LIKE ZOMBIE FICTION AND NOT HAVE?!?! You know what? Stop reading this now, go read World War Z. Go ahead…I’ll wait. Well, if you didn’t go read it, I’m disappointed (you’re dead to me) but I’ll fill you in a bit.

World War Z is a collection of interviews put together by a reporter going around the world talking to people post-zombie apocalypse. It’s so good that when I gave a copy to my father (the most well-read person I know, he had his doubts) he called me two days later with rave reviews. I’m done explaining myself about how good it is. Just go read it.


It’s an easy narrative to tell. Each episode could start with the reporter interviewing a new person. As it begins,  it would fade into the show as it unfolds. There are at least four or five seasons of good stories, and because most of them are told independent of one another, you could probably get “A- list” celebrities for a plethora of episodes (much like Black Mirror).

In closing:
 You need a new hit-show and I’m telling you, this is it. It has a three-fold built-in audience – G.O.T fans, Walking Dead fans, and admirers of World War Z. It is without question, a scenario where everybody wins! HBO, you need to join the zombie hoard, use your “braaaains” and make World War Z into a series. I can assure, you won’t regret it.

Eternally a huge fan,
Kyle M Gager

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