All this week, the 2018 Sundance Film Festival will have nine Midnight Screenings of incredible films we will certainly be seeing. Here are the Top 6, that all of us at Flick Fans are most enthusiastic about viewing.  

AG-Bar640Assassination Nation

Director/Screenwriter Sam Levinson’s (Another Happy Day, Bandits) new film seems like it will definitely make you fear for your privacy. The norm for Lilly and her cluster of tech-addicted friends is thrown into disarray when an unknown person starts leaking digital information in the small town of Salem. What then transpies is an alarming amount of insanity. Think about what would happen if all social media, texts, and some scantily clad videos were fair game to everyone? Well, we can’t wait to see what happens once that question is answered.

Cast: Odessa Young, Suki Waterhouse, Bill Skårsgard

Director of Photography: Marcel Rév

maxresdefault (4)Lords of Chaos

Directed by Jonas Åkerlund (Spun) and also written by himself as well as Dennis Magnusson (King of Devil’s Island) is about the famous Norwegian black metal band, Mayhem. This is an exciting film for any true crime and/or metal head because if you don’t already know the story –  jealousy, satanic theatrics, and violence were reasons member Øystein Aarseth was murdered by ex-member Varg Vikernes. We cannot wait to see the use of morbid face paint and stage names which the Black Death Metal scene coined during the 80’s and early 90’s – As well as a deep look into the the copious aspects of this profound & intriguing music genre.

giphy (71).gifArizona

Assistant Director and Producer, Jonathan Watson (The Disaster Artist, Vice Principals) has gifted us with his Directorial debut, Arizona. Written by comedy writer Luke Del Tredici (30 Rock, Brooklyn Nine-Nine) it seems impossible that this film won’t be funny and phenomenally weird. Arizona is about a disgruntled man named Sonny on the verge of losing his home whilst confronting the realtor Cassie who allowed him to buy under false pretenses. What will ensue is a fucked up chain of unsettling events that is sure too be equally humorous.

Cast: Danny Mcbride, Rosemarie DeWitt, Seth Rogen

Director of Photography: Drew Daniels


Nicolas Pesce’s second directed/written film is about a family man named Reed who’s going on a business trip. The normalcy of that sentence quickly transforms from a trip into a hunt, as he meticulously plans to murder a call girl in his hotel room. However, the call girl is the furthest thing from an easy victim. I’m interested to see if this plays out as a cat and mouse game or something else entirely. Nevertheless, it’s definitely going to be an intense ride.

Cast: Christopher Abbott, Mia Wasikowska, Laia Costa

Director of Photography : Zachary Galler


Writer and Director Coralie Fargeat is known for her directorial debut, Le télégramme (2003) and Short film, Reality+ (2014). In her third film – We follow Jen, a young woman on a hunting trip with her married lover in the desert. When the time comes for his friends join though, it ends with her being raped and left for dead. Fargeat being that she’s a woman, makes us think Revenge is going to be one kick-ass tale of justice – Creating a new take on a female lead.

Cast: Matilda Lutz, Kevin Janssens,  Vincent Colombe

Director of Photography: Robrecht Heyvaert

heyyNever Goin’ Back

Augustine Frizzell is all about film. She’s been in the art and costume departments as well as acted, produced, and edited a vast variety of projects. Having written and directed short films (Minor Setback, I Was A Teenage Girl), Never Goin’ Back is her full-length feature debut. The film surrounds two best friends, Angela and Jessie, dropouts turned waitresses with a dream of going on a vacation in Galveston, Texas. Throw in a drug deal gone wrong and some juvie, they end up coming together to get the money they need in order to leave Dallas, Texas. Having a special place in my heart for young-adult-driven stories, there’s no doubt this will be well-worth watch… filled with grit and female ingenuity. For better or worst.

By Amanda Nova
IG: @filmyanimal

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