After the dust has settled and we are able to fully reflect on yet another disappointing film from the DCU, it is evident that some changes need to be made. Recently the bees have been flyin’ and the latest buzz is that Batman is done! Whoa, whoa, whoa calm done, I didn’t mean that BATMAN is finished in the DCU universe, but the word on the street is Ben Affleck may be no more –  meaning a new caped crusader will be taking the helm.


Now I know what you’re thinking, we have heard these rumors a BAJILLION times whenever a new production cycle rolls around. Unnamed sources do constantly swamp the internet… as gossip can be difficult to keep up with, but it seems now more than ever that these rumors may actually come to fruition. At the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con – Affleck did say he wasn’t going anywhere, but later in November he backtracked those statements when telling USA Today he was looking for a “cool and graceful” way to leave the Batman role. WHAT COULD THIS MEAN!!!

Here is where the rumors get even juicer…

An unnamed, but credited source, tells movie fan site Revenge of the Fans that a new actor has already being chosen if Affleck departs. “Gyllenhaal is the new Batman,” says the source. “Affleck is not out as of yet. Because he is technically still under contract, but the studio is sour on him. If Ben rolls, Jake is in.”


Now I get what you’re probably thinking. You want me to believe rumors from an “unnamed but credited” source? WTF does that mean? And why exactly should I do that? Well, here is another tidbit for you to maul over. Ben Affleck was set to star AND also direct a solo Batman film. However, he was dropped out of the directorial position and replaced by Matt Reeves. Since then…. the entire script has been scrapped and is gbe re-written while everything is essentially in that game you played at 3rd grade birthday parties – Limbo. So, what started off as a Ben Affleck project, in every sense of the term has now quickly become a Ben Affleckless project.

If Jake Gyllenhaal does end up stepping in for the role, this would actually be something  a decade in the making. Gyllenhaal was one of the front-runners for Batman/Bruce Wayne in Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins before they settled on Christian Bale. Which, sorry Jake… but, so fucking happy you didn’t get the part back in 2005.

giphy (68).gif

Gyllenhaal though, has reflected in interviews over the years, stating how he wished he had the opportunity to play the Dark Knight. Also while constantly praising the superhero genre for “its ability to inspire” – playing into the idea the he does desperately want to take on the role of this iconic hero.

I know I speak for most people who contribute to Flick Fans, when I say this would be a pretty good casting. I mean, Gyllenhaal has proven time and time again that he is one of Hollywood’s finest. Not only does he also have the look, but most importantly, he has the physicality needed to pull it off.

We all know about the extremes in which Jake has gone through in order to physically conform into a role. Like when he lost 35 lbs for his character in Nightcrawler. Or when he then gained back 50+ lbs of sheer muscle in his performance as boxer Billy Hope in Southpaw. Leaving me no doubt that Gyllenhaal will be willing to do whatever it takes in order to get into the Batman mindset and physique needed.

giphy (69).gif

Oh and also, there’s something about having a chip on your shoulder that usually helps catapult somebody’s ambition and desire to succeed like none other. Particularly when it comes to people with such sought-after talents (athletes, artists, etc). I guarantee you not getting the role of Batman has been stuck in Gyllenhaal’s mind for almost 15 years. Giving me even more of a reason to cast him as he will undoubtedly have something to prove.

So, to hopefully, Gyllenhaal as the new Guardian of Gotham! *cheers* As anybody other than him would really be Less Than Jake.

By Nick Weninger
IG: @theaveragemanreview


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