‘Pitch Perfect 3’ Review 2/5 STARS

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The Bella’s are…yup, you guessed it! Back together.


Outside of college, life hasn’t gone exactly as they would have hoped, so when offered the chance to sing together one last time, the Bellas of course bask in the opportunity. Here, the question is, do they still have it? The original Pitch Perfect is without a doubt on my list of films I have seen the most. Uncanny, weird, and musically refined, it really was the musical Bridesmaid of 2012. The great humor and countless quotable lines certainly attributed to its mass popularity, while the gorgeous women with superior voices were an even extra added incentive. Whatever the reason was, I couldn’t get enough.

When Pitch Perfect 2 was released, I was mildly upset when it didn’t live up to the billing in comparison to the original. But, then again, that often happens with many sequels. Hearing there would be third Pitch Perfect film, I was excited, yet also a bit apprehensive. Now, my take on the latest and most likely final installment of the Pitch Perfect franchise.


For starters: This film was definitely all over the map. Even though it pains me to say this, the film ends more off-key and flat, than on an illustrious high-note. Pitch Perfect 3 unfortunately had trouble finding its rhythm while exuding unevenness all the way up until the final scenes. I never anticipated this film’s plot to be as thick as a McDonald’s milkshake, but thinner than Kevin Costner’s hair?! That was awfully upsetting.


The formula which worked so well in the franchise’s original, is even more absent here than it’s predecessor. Scenes are vehemently strange throughout with random sequences projecting unnecessary “action”, if you will. This had me scratching my head more times than once. There were, indeed, many missed notes and key changes even I couldn’t keep up with.

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Now, be prepared for a stark contrast. I realize this will sound utterly ridiculous, but, even with everything I just said…part of me still enjoyed this mess. There are still an abundant of hysterical moments with the characters you’ve grown to love. The musical numbers have always been fun, and here they are decently done. The ending, although predictable…gift wraps the 3 films in a delightful manner. Much how like my Great Aunt Maude would wrap her Trivial Pursuit board games every year for Christmas.


It very well may be that these films are my guilty pleasure. I will be the first to admit, but it also doesn’t mean I won’t be forthright about how you may perceive this movie in all 90 minutes of it’s singing glory.


Yes, there are blunders, mishaps, and moments I felt could have been directed better by literally, me. But anybody who is a fan of the franchise, or more precisely, a fan of the 2nd film…I have no doubts you will have pleasure during this viewing too. Pitch Perfect 3 is a lot like 2017 Mariah Carey. Fans will love regardless, even if some auto-tuning should be put in place to compensate for what “used to be”.


By Nick Weninger
IG: @averagemanreview

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