“Justice League” Review 2/5 STARS

justice leage

Dear Warner Bros., please stop releasing movies that your fans can only describe as “fun,” and “not terrible.” I’m starting to get depressed from hearing things like “I’m just glad I get to see my favorite heroes on screen.” It’s sad. Justice League is a mild improvement over the first few DCEU films, but it’s still a mess of CGI, substance-less plot, and bad writing.

Audiences appear to be catching on as well, after the shockingly bad Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman. As of this writing, Justice League stands to have the lowest box office opening of any DCEU film so far at $96 million. Considering the whole band is together for this go round, that’s a very bad sign for things to come.

justice 2

The want-to-be epic movie unfortunately had copious factors working against it. For one, director Zack Snyder had to depart the film mid-production in light of a family tragedy. Warner Bros.’ then decided on reaching across the aisle to Marvel Comics-extraordinaire Joss Whedon to finish the halfway completed project. What certainly seemed like a good idea, in theory, was a catalyst in the film being even less appreciable because of the stark contrasts in their direction. You come to find the glaringly different tonal approaches are exceedingly awkward.

Secondly, I have come to this conclusion, Ben Affleck is possbily the worst big-screen Batman we’ve ever come to know. Yes, that’s right Clooney & Kilmer, you very well may be off the hook. His lines are so painfully flat, that any sign of emotion from him seems grossly labored. I can only hope that the rumors continuing to swirl about his departure from the role, deem true. Perhaps the only true auspicious moments throughout the entire film, involve Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. Once more, she continues to showcase her endearing fortitude while doing an admiral job of bringing heart to the team. For the role of Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, he essentially does nothing more than drink whiskey straight from the bottle and crack some stale jokes. Wait, why is he here again?

justice 3

Oh, and let us not forget, there’s the Flash and Cyborg. Shoehorning some muddled backstory for the both them, they genuinely deserved much better- especially Cyborg. I’m sure Ezra Miller (the Flash) can be funny and witty with decent material, but that mightily lacks here. A character who oddly gets painted into a corner as DC’s comic relief, boy, does it get exhausting early.


Last, but not least, the snooze-fest plot is about as unoriginal and overdone as it can possibly get. The main villain, Steppenwolf (Ciaran Hinds), attempts to control three “Mother Boxes” which would give him the power to control Earth and end all life…at least, I think? Translation: there’s a few MacGuffins here and there, and a threat to end the world. WOWZA. I’m at the edge of my seat. But, really, some of the backstory seems plucked straight from the Lord of the Rings prologue. The plot is (at most) barely sufficient enough to justify getting all of our heroes on screen. And back to Steppenwolf – he looks like one of the bad CGI zombies from I, Am Legend dressed up with a Halloween costume from Party City. Saying he is as generic as it comes, would be an understatement.

Justice League shouldn’t be this bad. Yet, it is. It is even all the more surprising how ridiculously lazy this final cut was, given how important this movie is for it’s franchise. Warner Bros. I hope you course correct, because you are not only losing money, but your once devoted audience as well.


Contributed By George Poor

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