Movies To Keep An Eye Out For In The Next Coming Months


2017 Fall and Winter Film Preview
There are some major block busters opening in the next few months, as well smaller budget films that deserve attention. Let’s take a look at the upcoming, cold-weather line up.


A movie written by the famed Coen Brothers (Joel and Ethan). They usually direct their own movies, but George Clooney is behind the camera this go-around. The film also marks Matt Damon’s return to U.S. cinemas after going to China for The Great Wall. Damon plays Gardner Lodge, a family man in the idyllic, 1950s-esque town of Suburbicon. What could go wrong? Prepare yourself for plenty of dark, dark humor and bad decisions.
In theaters: October 27th


jhdyueaen7jpiv2xerek.pngThor: Ragnarok

The third installment of Thor’s stand-alone trilogy feels like one part 80’s nostalgia and another part Guardians of the Galaxy. Cate Blanchett stars as the villainous Goddess of Death opposite Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), sporting a fashionable crew cut this time. Marvel Studios is looking for the knockout this year as Ragnarok marks its third release in 2017. Marvel fans: we’re inching closer and closer to Infinity War next year.
In theaters: November 3rd


Murder-on-the-Orient-Express-2017.jpgMurder on the Orient Express

Kenneth Branagh has big shoes to fill as director and lead actor in this famous Agatha Christie murder mystery. Branagh is supported by a masterful ensemble cast featuring Daisy Ridley (Star Wars), Michelle Pfeiffer, Willem Dafoe, Judi Dench, Penélope Cruz, Josh Gad, and Leslie Odom Jr. (Hamilton). The title is self-explanatory, and it’s up to Branagh’s Detective Hercule Poirot to solve an on-train murder in close quarters. Script credit goes to Michael Green who also worked on Logan, Alien: Covenant, and Blade Runner: 2049.
In theaters: November 10


maxresdefault.jpgJustice League

If Marvel comics aren’t your thing, then you have Justice League to look forward to. Wonder Woman finally got DC comics in the black in terms of critical reactions. DC hopes it can ride that momentum when they finally put all their heroes on screen in November. Ben Affleck returns as Batman and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. Conspicuously absent from the team is Henry Cavill’s Superman. Batman and Wonder Woman are flanked by Ezra Miller’s The Flash, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, and Ray Fisher’s Cyborg. Zack Snyder had to leave production due to a family tragedy. DC brought in none-other than the Marvel veteran Joss Whedon to the complete the film.
In theaters: November 17th


the_disaster_artist_F72066.0.jpegThe Disaster Artist

Here we have a film about a film (a really, really bad film.) It’s based on the memoirs of Tommy Wiseau, director of 2003’s The Room. The movie gained a cult-following for how laughably bad it was. It’s lovingly referred to on Wikipedia as the “Citizen Kane of bad movies.” James Franco pulls double-duty as director and lead. Also starring are Dave Franco, Seth Rogen, and Alison Brie. An early cut was already well-received at the SWSW Film Festival. We’re anticipating a similar reaction in December.
In theaters: December 1st


screen-shot-2017-09-14-at-9-49-54-am1.pngThe Shape of Water

Director Guillermo Del Toro has a strong following from films like Pan’s Labyrinth and his popular Hellboy comic adaptations. Set in a secret, 1960’s American government laboratory, the protagonist, Elisa (Sally Hawkins), works in the lab and discovers that the government is keeping a real merman/aquatic creature there in captivity. The creature is played by frequent Del Toro collaborator Doug Jones. The film looks like an intriguing, original mystery on its own and also stars Michael Shannon and Octavia Spencer.
In theaters: December 8th


maxresdefault (1).jpgStar Wars: The Last Jedi

What more needs to be said? It’s the eighth addition to the Star Wars saga. The trailers for The Last Jedi offer up just enough to speculate about the fate of our heroes Rey (Daisy Ridley) and Finn (John Boyega.) Mark Hamill is back as Luke Skywalker and has more lines in the trailer than he did in The Force Awakens. Carrie Fisher, who recently passed, is also front and center as General Leia. The anticipation is high and the plot details are shadowy, for good reason. There’s also a ton of unresolved questions like who Rey’s parents are and the identity of Supreme Leader Snoke. Rian Johnson (Brick, Looper) directed this installment and oversaw a very smooth production process. We’re looking forward to December.
In theaters: December 15th

Contributed By George Poor

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