‘Lucky’ Review 4/5 STARS


How “Lucky” are we?

As much as this looked like an artsy film, trying to be deep, this actually delivers an out of the box concept that has an unexpected effect on the mental state. This film does not fail to immerse and slowly suck you in, but not in the way that you might think. Instead of the typical coming of age film, we’ve all seen a thousand times, this brings a luring amount of depth and true emotion to the experience. I was surprised when I came out of the theater thinking about my own life having been put into a contemplative and introspective state following the subtle yet evoking film that follows.

A story of self discovery and realization, but not your typical coming of age film we’ve all seen a thousand times, Lucky instead is through the eyes of an elderly man who’s lived his life to the maximum without a shred of fear for the consequence. Refreshing to say the least (Harry Dean Stanton) whose own life has closely mirrored the story delivers in a big way, drawing you into the story in a way very few could achieve. Occasionally a movie comes around that just hits you in all the right places, and this is one of them. A look at life and it’s fleeting presence that comes at a sad, but essential time in the actor’s life as he passed away just weeks before the films release.

The use of subtle comedy and a tone that is neither negative or positive, merely reflective about big questions that we all as humans face at one point or another- is pleasantly refreshing. While many films attempt to convey the same message I can’t say I’ve seen one that lands quite like Lucky. A cast of brilliant character actors plus the well set pace makes this film one of the most compelling I’ve seen in a long while.


Contribution By Charlie Green

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